The Team

Robert Fuller, MA. MDiv

Benchmark Associate & Senior Consultant

Human Resource & Operational Development

Mr. Fuller brings over 29 years of Human Resource and Operational Development experience. He has a proven track record in strategizing, creating and implementing team empowerment programs. His implementations of interventions and inspirational contributions have evoked change in the cultural dynamics of the organizations he serves – affecting the bottom line through measurable results in both large and medium-sized businesses.

As a Manager of Development and Training in a large medical equipment manufacturer, he significantly contributed to billion dollar sales and 6-week reductions in receivables collections. He created selling programs that contributed to a 30% increase in commission sales. His certification programs, based on job competencies along with process improvements, have made a significant difference in this business. He developed and launched Internet training technologies that also cut training costs. His training programs and innovative approaches to training also contributed to measurable significant gains.

Certified in a number of leading methodologies including CCL Executive Coaching, Covey, Lominger and Blanchard, he is a leader in his own right as a human resource development expert.

He has consulted with, and has been a director of, a number of Fortune 500 companies. He has a track record of excellence in service to the business community in the training, education and counseling assessment fields.

After receiving his BS in Law/Economics at Oregon State University, he went on to receive his MA in Business from Rider University and his MDiv in Counseling from Princeton. When relaxing, Mr. Fuller has enjoyed many physical challenges like crossing the U.S. by bicycle, blue water sailing, pilot and historic home restoration.


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