The Team

Donna Riechmann, PhD

Benchmark Associate & Senior Consultant

Transformational Leadership

Donna has held executive positions in large corporations as well as being president of her own consulting firm. Donna was Director of Executive Development at Pfizer Inc, a leading global pharmaceutical company. She was also Director of Executive Education and Development, Worldwide Human Resources at GlaxoSmithKline, and Academic Director at Duke Corporate Education.

Donna was founder and president of her consulting business, DRC Associates, for 12 years. She has held adjunct positions at Duke Corporate Education and the Center for Creative Leadership, where she worked with executives from Fortune 100 global companies.

Currently, as a partner in the consulting firm Leadership Solutions LLC, Donna has designed and implemented leadership development programs and complex change management strategies for many clients including AT&T, the US Postal Service, Ingersoll-Rand, NASA, The MITRE Corporation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Manchester University (UK) and Partner Microcredit Organization (Bosnia). Donna developed a research-based instrument, the Team Performance Questionnaire, and a teambuilding activity, Polygon Puzzle, which are marketed internationally. Donna was adjunct staff at the Center for Creative Leadership for 14 years.

Donna has published articles in several journals, and her original research on teams appeared as a chapter in Impact of Leadership, Clark, Clark & Campbell (eds.). Donna holds BS and Med degrees from the University of Illinois, and a PhD from the University of North Carolina.


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