The Team

Karen Spofford, MBA, CCM

Benchmark Associate & Senior Consultant

Executive Coach

Karen Spofford is an executive coach who focuses on implementing leadership development solutions that link individual executive effectiveness to organizational performance. Karen coaches high potential executives to develop the intellectual, physical and social polish and support systems required to powerfully execute as well as, achieve personal and professional greatness. Her work with high impact business teams focuses on optimizing their structure, their appreciation and understanding of one another, their communication and interactions, which will allow them to powerfully execute and deliver beyond expectations.

Karen has coached business leaders from Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AstraZeneca, Wyeth, Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, Wilmington Trust, CIGNA, DuPont, Factiva, PR Newswire, Qwest and consulting firms. Her focus is partnering with high potential individuals and teams to develop the intellectual, physical, social polish and support systems they need to be successful. Karen is committed to results oriented coaching that delivers value to the client and their organization.

Karen’s coaching has supported business leaders in a wide array of pursuits – from on-boarding to new companies and/or assignments, leading organizational change, career transition and stepping up into the C-Suite – as well as enhancing their communication skills, focusing on increasing their influence and establishing presence.

Karen has over 20 years experience as a business leader in supply chain and financial management in the Pharmaceutical and Financial sectors. She was a former Senior Director, Supply Chain Operations for Bristol-Myers Squibb (formerly DuPont Pharmaceuticals); led a global division focused on business resource planning, demand management, customer service, contracting, rebates, logistics, distribution channels, accounts receivable, collections and product returns; and has significant expertise in Investment and Commercial Banking on the buy and sell side including commercial paper issuance, investment, cash and debt management.

Karen’s accreditations include the Hay Group Emotional Competency Inventory, DISC Instrument, MBTI, High Impact Team Certification; ICF Coaching Accreditation.


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