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Debra Pearce-McCall

Benchmark Associate & Senior Consultant

Psychologist, Consultant, and Educator

Debra Pearce-McCall, PhD, a member of The Creating WE Institute, is a Psychologist, Consultant, and Educator, who combines the cutting edge framework of interpersonal neurobiology with decades of experience facilitating individual and organizational health and change. She’s been fascinated with the human mind, the brain, and relationships since childhood, and creates customized change methods for her clients based on her wide-ranging and integrated knowledge base.

With experience as a Healthcare Executive for a large corporation, a partner in a small business, and a leadership consultant, Debra saw the great need for interpersonal neurobiology to move out of therapy offices and classrooms and into boardrooms. From 2005 to date, she has been bringing it into leadership development, coaching, and organizational consulting: creating workshops and classes, consulting, and writing on the applications. She works with leaders from many fields through her practice as a psychologist and private consultant. Her article summarizing this approach, Mindsight at Work: An interpersonal neurobiology lens on leadership, was co-authored with Daniel J. Siegel, MD, one of the founders of the field.

With a family committed to leadership and service, Debra naturally followed those paths. Currently, she is President of the Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies and Co-Editor of the organization’s publication, with Bonnie Badenoch, PhD. The Journal of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies: Theory, Research, and Application integrates academic writing, narrative essay, and visual and written art, to embody the interpersonal neurobiology framework. Though her work has been more applied than academic, Debra has authored numerous articles in psychology, family systems, and interpersonal neurobiology journals. Believing this information about mind/brain/relationship needs to go out to the general public, Debra co-founded a business bringing interpersonal neurobiology into the public sphere of brain healthy lifestyles and wellness while aging, and serves as Chief Knowledge Officer.

A core creator of the first graduate level certificate program in interpersonal neurobiology, Debra continues to lead their capstone integrative project learning experience. Her desire to improve the health of human systems goes beyond helping people create vital and authentic work and personal relationships, to the whole of humans relating, so she also writes and speaks about interpersonal neurobiology implications for sustainability, human rights, and well beings. From this passion, she created the first course applying interpersonal neurobiology to professional ethics, across disciplines, and is a member of an international, interdisciplinary think-tank on relational ethics.


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