Conversational Intelligence® Leaders

Under the leadership of our co-founder, Richard D. Glaser, PhD, The CreatingWE® Institute works with organizations seeking to enhance their brand stature and leadership strengths in the face of ever-increasing competitive challenges.

Conversational Intelligence® Leaders

Headed by María Escobar-Bordyn - Debra, Rhonda, Ute and Wendy - all have many years of working closely with Judith by successfully employing Conversational Intelligence® with senior management, corporate teams and large organizations, both private and public.  Nicklas is The CreatingWE Institute’s neuroscience researcher and is intimately involved in the use of our Catalyst Tools® with our clients.

judith e glaser

“The key in business is the leader's ability to enable everyone to feel like they are part of a winning team – we know this mantra in our hearts, yet making it happen is much more difficult. The CreatingWE® Institute gives leaders a roadmap for shaping the DNA of their company – creating a culture of inspired leadership & ownership of the future.”
— Judith E. Glaser

Wendy Balman

Wendy Balman

C-IQ Leader, Senior Consultant and Coach
Leadership, Team & Executive Coach

Wendy supports leaders in navigating the sometimes awkward, challenging, and exciting opportunities that surround organizational leadership. Her belief that each individual has a unique contribution to bring that is vital to team and organizational success is the driving force behind her work. Creating a thriving organizational culture that results in high energy and productivity, and high-trust relationships is her vision of success. Combining best practices of both coaching and consulting, Wendy partners with her clients to develop high-trust environments within individuals, teams and organizations.

Wendy was trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is also certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). In 2016, Wendy was Certified in Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) as one of the 250 inaugural coaches, and participated as a peer group facilitator in the C-IQ for Coaches® Certification programs. In 2018 Wendy had the honor of being a part of the Certification Leadership Team which implemented Judith’s desires for the current cohort of C-IQ for Coaches programs after her passing.

Outside of work, Wendy loves to travel and explore new parts of the world, and enjoys running, walking, and biking year round.

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