Transformational Consulting

Change is about shifting strategy - and culture is what drives strategy. Yet traditional consulting engagements focusing on changing culture often failed to hit the mark.

We believe that:

"To get to the next level of greatness, depends on the quality of the culture,
which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations.
Everything happens through conversations.”
- Judith E. Glaser -

The biggest challenge leader’s face today is how to engage the organization in conversations that elevate people’s ability to engage strategically toward common goals; and the larger the organization, the larger the challenge. The strategic shifts may be broad and deep, targeted towards addressing growth needs, including mergers and acquisitions, resetting strategy in the face of a competitive marketplace, seeking new points of differentiation, or recharging the culture with new ways of working.

For many people, change triggers fear, anxiety, and resistance. For others it opens up new opportunities for growth. We work with our clients to create a safe context for change during periods of growth and transition. We help executives learn how to engage in quality conversations at every level of their organization, to help break down silos, factions, and cliques in ways that reduce resistance and create positive energy for change.

Working with us, executives learn productive ways of drawing out the wisdom and talent inside their organizations, and build a culture of mutual ownership, leadership and commitment to results across the organization – independent of the size of the company, the scope of the business or the geographic challenges.

Types of Initiatives

Organizational Level Initiatives: Organizational initiatives are designed to help the organization develop a shared conversation around key business challenges – create clarity in direction, engagement, and flawless execution.

Cross-functional Level Initiatives: Cross-functional initiatives are designed to help teams across the organization to work together more innovatively, collaboratively, and co-creatively on key business challenges to achieve key enterprise results.

Team Level Initiatives: Team initiatives are designed to help teams within the organization achieve greater levels of collaboration, co-creation, and results, with a focus on key business challenges.

The Process

Our enterprise process has multiple phases:

Discovery: During this phase we focus on uncovering the breadth and scope of the transformation. Through Discovery Interviews and Assessments, as well as through other tools for shaping and scoping the desired outcomes, we create a working document for change. During this process we Contract for Success and create Rules of Engagement to drive the engagement towards mutually agreed-upon goals.

Design: Based on insights uncovered during the Discovery Phase, we design the engagement to include stakeholder groups both inside and outside the organization. We create a Journey Map for engaging stakeholders, at all enterprise levels, whose input and support are essential for successful execution.

Develop: Based on our Design Phase, we work with clients to develop teams poised for developing new strategies and taking on the new “collaborative and co-creative experiments”, which will ultimately lead to expanding their capacity to work together to achieve goals.

Delivery: Based on our Development Phase, we work with clients to support the team leaders in engaging their teams in executing the changes necessary for success. These changes may involve interactions with internal and external customers, partners, and processes. Through this process, executives emerge as leaders and participants emerge more able to support and influence the desired results in an accountable way. As a result, leadership competencies are embedded into how people work with each other to achieve results.

Measure Results: During the final phase of the engagement, we work with our clients to observe and measure the impact of the engagement, and create follow-up strategies for sustaining and expanding the results.

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Conversational Makeovers

Often clients ask us to diagnose WHY conversations are not having the desired impact with clients or employees. Through our Conversational Intelligence Makeover process, we are able to deconstruct conversations and pinpoint what patterns are effective and those that are not.

Once identified, we will work with them on designing Conversational Interventions, or Conversational Summits – as well as Conversational Coaching to enable them to learn the skills for architecting new ways to engage in conversations that elevate their relationships and business success.

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