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The CreatingWE® Institute

The CreatingWE® Institute, is an executive consulting and coaching company, founded in 1980, that focuses on working with CEOs and their teams to develop new strategies for addressing their competitive challenges in a world of moving targets.

For over three decades, we have carved out a niche that was previously not in plain sight in many consultancies - the importance of conversations in shaping corporate culture and achieving corporate goals. Today, Conversational Intelligence® is the basis of our consulting and coaching practice.

The Institute works at the critical junction of leadership, culture and brand. Our focus on neuroscience research gives us a unique understanding of the impact of conversations as a catalyst for change, enables us to bring new and fresh approaches to clients who are seeking to change their culture, elevate trust in the organization, build world-class leadership teams, and foster higher levels of teamwork and partnering. We consult and coach large enterprises, organizations,  executive teams, and Educational Institutions and government organizations. We partner with researchers globally to elevate the level of thinking around Conversational Intelligence® and WE-centric practices.

The CreatingWE® Institute partners with clients, practitioners, and other organizations in developing and utilizing and applying research to elevate our ability to shape the future DNA of organizations globally, by fostering the highest level of growth, collaboration, and co-creation.  Many clients contact us to work with them on challenges such as Change Leadership, Transformational Change, Leadership Initiatives, Culture Integration, as well as Culture and Growth Initiatives. 

Our international cadre of critical thinkers, coaches, consultants, and scientists have multi-disciplinary expertise, enabling us to engage in research, theoretical and practice-based conversations, and applications designed for harvesting new forms of conversation, engagement, and innovation in the world.

We work at the intersection of organization/leadership development, neuroscience, and innovation, and we are embarking on fascinating research with real-life applications in areas such as culture integration, sustainability, Conversational Intelligence®, collaboration, gender consciousness, innovative intelligence, appreciative inquiry, human and business life cycles, and organization & evolutionary development.

In addition, we are co-creating groundbreaking articles, mini-books, tools, frameworks and conversational rituals centered around our newest book, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leadership Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results, as well as previous books such as Creating WE, and The DNA of Leadership.

Some of the themes of our writings include dynamic subjects such as: "Brain, Brand and Energy", Conversational Intelligence, The Neuroscience of WE, Creating WE. Our articles are appearing in blogs such as HBR online blog, BusinessWeek, Psychology Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, C-Suite, Leadership Excellence, and other major publications.

We are seeking to work with organizations and leaders who want to push the envelope, pioneer, and shape the quality and consequences of the conversations in their organizations from territorial to vital, with a direct impact on the growth of their organizations and on the bottom line.  

Find out how Conversational Intelligence® and the Power of CreatingWE is changing how leaders lead – how organizations grow, and how executives are able to positively impact the tenor and context of their organizational culture, now!

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