Benchmark’s diverse clienetele includes many of the world’s leading brands and organizations, as well as members of both the Fortune 500 and 100. We are proud to share with you what they’re saying about us in their own words.

Thank you very much for kicking off the BLI in a way that will make our participants think and ac in exciting new ways. They will think more collaboratively and more holistically about their approach to serving their members and the public interest. Working with you has been a rewarding and enlightening experience. The care you took in your preparation and delivery was nothing short of memorable. We look forward to a continuing relationship.

Elizabeth Derrico
Associate Director

To use an old vernacular. You rocked!! Your participation was extraordinary and brought clarity and insight to the everything done to date. We were truly honored to have you join us and look forward to staying in close touch. I sent you several photos for tweeting. I hope you got them. If not just let me know. Thanks so much.

Diane Niederman
The Alliance

Those who attended also appreciated the novel focus on understanding the science behind leadership...Several commented that it gave them new things to think about.

VP, Global Leadership Development

On behalf of the ASTD SCC chapter we thank you for a wonderful program last night. Clearly a lot of buzz in the room afterwards as well as an attentive audience during your presentation. I personally was extremely energized from the evening. It appeared most everyone came away with ‘something’ about the subject at hand. While it takes a bit to tabulate the evaluations, I wanted to share a few comments we gleamed from some of them, the first one say’s it all. In the end we had 44 attendees.

  • Best speaker/topic/program I've ever been to
  • Judith was fantastic - got the group to interact, practiced what she preached: co-created agenda
  • Excellent on communication - the new discipline
  • Excellent slides complementing the presentation
  • It was a privilege to hear Judith and learn
  • Tremendous value learning
  • Speaker and program absolutely fascinating

So thank you again for presenting to our chapter, it was truly a highlight event for our year. Hope our path’s continue to cross.

ASTD SCC Co-Chair Programs

I wanted to thank you again for the time that you spent with us today. I have had some great feedback and everyone is itching for more time with you. I talked briefly with some of the leadership who were on the call today about potentially having you come in for a longer engagement. Additionally, others are interested in introducing you to other organizations that are affiliated with. I hope that this hour provides you with further exposure and opportunity.

I will share success stories with you as they occur. Thanks again and we will be in touch.

Rebecca O'Connell
Director, Working Capital Advisor - NE Region (East Coast CREB)
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Every evolving new business has "defining moments" that serve to enhance future success. Our time with you was certainly such a moment. We will be able to use all of our new insights to achieve more exciting goals. Your approach to our group was just what was needed and you were able to gain trust and confidence quickly which provided the foundation for an important experience.

Ward K. Mooney
President, GBFC

Many companies say they customize programs, but they really don't. They try to sell the client something “off-the-shelf” and pass it off as customized. Benchmark works with the artistry of a true designer to fit and shape a program that is truly unique and right for us!

Terry Dockins
Boehringer Ingelheim

I just wanted to say how much everyone appreciated your facilitation style and the end result of last week's meeting. You really held the space for people to say what was on their minds and at the same time move us to positive conclusions. The hard work for that group will be to keep the momentum going. I hope to do my part.

Radiah Harper
Vice-Director for Education and Program Development

Leadership council was a dream come true. The feedback has been even better than expected.

Angela Ahrendts

Judith -- I have to tell you: you were the HIGHEST RATED speaker at CFO Rising. You absolutely rocked their worlds. Thank you.

Lori Calabro
Editorial Director, Conferences

The sessions were fantastic! The results were better than we could have hoped for! The "glow" continues… All parties are working together in a spirit of cooperation, sharing and caring for each other. People are saying that they can't believe how their counterparts from "the other organization" have accepted them and tried to make them welcome. The energy levels are way up, the cooperation and teamwork is high and the progress we're making is excellent.

Steve Iovino
CEO/President, Education First

I just went to Amazon to commend your book, and found over 100 overwhelmingly favorable plaudits! Congratulations!!

I will be bringing your book to the attention of students and faculty at Columbia and at Teacher's College's Gottesman Library, starting with my University Seminar on May 5th and my next Socratic Conversation on May 29thl; disseminating info. about it to the networks deriving from my books (Peak Learning, Socrates Way, etc.; and suggesting review and comments to the editors of several robust subscriber lists such as www.conversationmatters.com.

On Friday, I will be inviting you to our invitational symposium THE POWER OF CONVERSATION at Faculty House here on campus, in early July (date now being finalized). One of the slogans of this event will be "Everything Happens Through Conversation" (with robust suitable credit to you of course!). We'll have declarations by you and several other champions/experts like the ones on last evening's panel: TED-tight (6 minutes max.) and extemporaneous (no prepared papers). We'll move swiftly into Action/Deliverables/Behavioral Innovations/Outcomes as stressed by several of your speakers yesterday.

Ron Gross
Co-chair, University Seminar on Innovation

I felt compelled to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you Monday night on the Innovation Excellence panel. I have to be honest with you that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about some of the concepts that we discussed briefly and that you shared on the panel. So much so, that I’ve been all over your website, subscribed to your newsletter and just purchased your book, Conversational Intelligence®. Not sure why our brief interaction sparked so much but I’m very intrigued and curious to learn more. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you!

Jeff Meleski
Chief Growth Officer, Communispace

We have been receiving positive feedback all day about our event! Lots of emails from clients as well as lots of positive comments from our Credit Suisse Associates. Thank You!!

Amy Sahar

The book was absolutely amazing. I read it over the weekend, took some good notes and am already using some of the principles. Thank you so much for a great gift. It is awesome.

Please let me know too when she will be joining us. I want to mark it down on my calendar. Thanks again!

Trey Ackerman Market Managing Partner
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Your approach to solving organizational problems and helping us to focus on corporate goals is unique — no one works as you do. The way that you structured our two-day offsite meeting gave us tremendous focus, inspiration and guidance.

Mary Wang

Your extensive work over the last two years in so many areas critical to the growth, efficiency and well being of The Donna Karan Company will have a growing impact on the company for many years.

Steven L. Ruzow

Thank you for your excellent presentation. I've been on the road for Drexel since early Friday morning. Due to the weather, I'm in CT as we speak!

We survey the participants after each program and provide feedback to the speakers. I know everyone thought your takeaway was helpful.

We appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to volunteer your expertise for your alma mater. I will be in touch with further accolades and testimonials!

Alumnae Relations, Drexel University

On behalf of the entire Dreyer's and Edy's Foodservice organization, we want to thank you for developing and executing an "outstanding" sales development program. It was obvious to all of us that Benchmark Communications is truly a professional organization, one that will definitely play in our long-range plans. The extra time and effort by you to learn our organization and customize everything to fit our needs and opportunities certainly positions you above all other companies. We are looking forward to putting our new skill sin place, and inculcating the new "can-do" attitude within Dreyer's. Thanks again for an excellent hard hitting program.

Martin C. Wehr
Managing Director

Thank you for the simply outstanding professional and moral support you have given Exide and me over the past few years. You have been instrumental from the beginning of the Lutz administration at Exide in helping shape a transformational leadership agenda with the initial efforts surrounding "recharging Exide." The work you did was absolutely outstanding, and the energy you invested to help Mr. Lutz rebuild the moral, ethical and leadership void left by the previous management were truly exemplary. I have yet to find a challenge you were not prepared to take on or an opportunity that you did not seize.

Craig Muhlhauser

We at Ferragamo thank you for the support you provided to one of our high performing leaders at the time of his promotion as head of Sales… As the result of your coaching, he has built a strong team, is an extremely powerful leader and his division is currently experiencing huge double-digit increases over last year and over plan.

Amy Zuckerman
EVP Human Resources

Having worked together to solve operations systems problems and launch new products, made it clear to me that your listening skills, tireless efforts to meet deadlines, creativity and sense of teamwork made the selection of Benchmark Communications, Inc. as our vendor of choice an obvious one.

Bill Byrnes

“We had a brilliant program and you helped me bring something extraordinary to fruition. The feedback is great and gives us something to build on.”

Gill Lonsdale

You are helping us refocus our attention to what opportunities exist in the marketplace and how we can best position ourselves to win this business. You've been able to catalyze something inside our organization that has let to greater organizational focus and alignment among a very challenging group of senior executives.

Michael G. Frieze

YOU make the world a better place for all of us!

YOUR vision, YOUR dedication, dearest Judith, is what gives also me the courage to continue on our shared path to a more sustainable and dignified world!


Evelin Linder, MD, PhDs
Founding President

On behalf of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation ad Global Leadership, we thank you for meeting with the fellows this year during our annual trip to New York. The candid remarks about your own experiences with executives helped set the stage for the leaders we met later in the week and offered the kind of leadership insights that the fellows can use as they continue to build their own leadership abilities. We are grateful for the time and passion you shared with us, and it was our great pleasure to meet you.

Stephen J. Sacca
Marsha Warren
Associate Director

I would like to thank you for the support and insight that you have given me in operating my organizations over the past seven years. As President and Chief Executive Officer of The Monet Group, Inc. and Yves Saint Laurent, Inc. I retained your services to aid in restructuring and strengthening each organization. In both organizations, your ability to work with people and achieve success was strengthened by your frank and empathetic management style. Thank you for your guidance in helping us improve our company.

Judy Harrison

Thought you might like to know the current buzz about your NASA session in 2 words…positively contagious! Lots happening here already as a result of the colloquium presentation. As you detected, there are many cultures at Goddard. Thank you so much for being with us at the perfect time for making bigger wonderful things happen.

Joan Wrangler NASA

Over the years we've worked together we continue to realize the value of your work with us. News American Marketing has expanded its focus from a coupon and promotion company to a full-service marketing company. Because of the incredibly insightful consulting you are doing with our senior executives in helping us rethink how we approach our markets and how we work with customers, our sales organization is stronger and smarter, and more capable of partnering with our clients on our wider array of new promotional and marketing services.

Dominick Porco

When we first spoke, my fellow principals and myself, as well as much of the staff were engaged in turf battles and unproductive and distracting "what about me" behaviors. We worked hard and profitably, but without the level of mutual cooperation, trust and respect that makes a company great. You engaged so many of us with your insightfulness and intelligence. Your facilitating manner allowed us to find a safe environment to address issues and resolve conflicts that stewed over months, even years.

Alan Baral

Thank you very much for your informative, stimulating and engaging workshop. I was on the edge of my seat and ready for more at 8:05 pm after a long day of teaching. Your message was full of hope and possibility and your vision of our work in these next fifty years gave me a sense of my place in evolution. I feel energized by the learning and looking forward to reading your books.

Jane Maloney
Board Member

“On behalf of our executive team I wanted to thank you for helping us improve our organizational effectiveness during a time of significant change. You served as a teacher, mediator, facilitator and coach for a diverse management team, each member of which brought unique positions and strong egos to the table. You are not only able to help us resolve issues that affected their performance of the entire group, but were also instrumental in guiding the careers of individual members. Needless to say, it has been an extremely enlightening experience working with you. I value your professionalism and understanding of business strategy and the qualities you bring as a person. Thank you.”

Cathleen Raffaeli

"In all the years as a Human Resource professional, I have never witnessed such a remarkable transformation of a culture as when you facilitated our "VIP Journey" program. Benchmark literally took a group of Senior and middle managers from varied and adverse mind-sets, and "Like Magic" helped us to become a clearly directed, deeply committed and tremendously excited team. Our newfound positive energy flow has influenced our business and our satisfaction level. We are deeply grateful."

Lucy Nelson

You are a treasure. When I count my blessings, I count you twice.

Kathee Tesija, EVP & Chief Merchandizing and Supply Chair Officer, Target

I’m sure you’ve heard this already directly from others, but I wanted to pass on my take on yesterday’s meeting, which was consistently echoed by each SVP I talked to last night.

Everyone felt, myself included, that this was the best offsite, developmental exercise, strategic conversation, etc. we’ve ever had. Obviously it’s what we do from here that counts but I think the general feeling was that we had a defining moment yesterday. And we made a great call having Jason and Tim involved. I know Jason really appreciated it and thought it was a great day.

Trish and I are connecting (hopefully tomorrow) to collect all the notes and our thoughts and set the course from here so we can provide some more direction to Enterprise Strategy, Guest Insights and MMBI teams, as well as pivot a bit on our goals for 10/7 and 10/21. I will review with you in status on Friday.

Casey Carl | President Multichannel
SVP Merdhandising at Target

“You are doing some amazing work that is clearly changing our world. Please, please, please continue. The time is so definitely now and you are leading the change when you work is needed most.”

Anita Brick
University of Chicago

I heard you on 33 Voices podcast and was so impressed by your presentation! I sensed from the beginning that Moe was thoroughly stoked too. It bummed me out hearing that the majority of people speak to someone in judgment rather than connection. I've NEVER done that but I have felt judged so I know you're correct.

Rhonda Hailes Maylett
Graduate Student University of Utah

Judith E. Glaser worked with the Dallas VCG last Monday about Conversational Intelligence®. At least two of the Members (Chairs) commented afterwards that she was the best speaker they have ever heard from the perspective of Chairing. I highly recommend her as a VCG Speaker and am wondering if she falls into the “thought leader” category for the International Chair Development Workshop.

Brant Houston
Vistage Regional Executive, Southern Region
TX, AR, LA, MS, AL (Mobile Area)

Thank you for sharing your life-work with my groups this week. You passion and insights were refreshing and inspirational, challenging the members to examine the way they “do culture”. I did send a copy of the Creating WE-Index Report to all three group in case any of them are interested.

I wish you continued success and fulfillment with this exciting work!

Stu Watson, Vistage

Your presentation yesterday was out of the ballpark. I told the FWA team that it's the best FWA event ever. Your questions got us talking, and I loved that the audience participated! and I learned a lot. Let's stay connected.

Nadia Gil

Judith, this looks terrific and I’m sorry I can’t attend. Thank you for inviting me. I hear you are speaking at the FWA this week. They are so lucky to have you. The Forum crowd still raves about you and your panel two years later.

I’d love to hear about your “stories” and catch up with you! How about getting together in May or June?

Jane Newton, Wall Street Women

I have received MANY emails praising you and the presentation! Todd Jones loved the presentation as well! We were so thrilled as he stayed for the entire presentation! He has been making it a point to comment on it to others, so this is all a positive and we will see where we can take this!

Thank you so much for making this a great event and imparting such good “seeds” in our attendees. They were all excited to receive books as well and I expect that the book will come up at our next much smaller meeting!

Donna G. Barron
Senior Vice President |Willis Mergers & Acquisitions Group

Since I tend to be a linear thinker – being a math nerd and all – I really like the Conversational Intelligence® Matrix. I’ve started using it as a tool before meetings. I’ll take 5 min or so to review the matrix and get my mind focused on creating more Level 3 conversations. It’s been impactful for me because it helps me be intentional about the conversations. I also find the Visible Dashboards useful. This graphic provides me with an easy way to assess my conversational agility (Judith’s term) and see where people are in a conversation. I’ve only just started using these tools, so I am still a novice. However, I can see that my C-IQ is improving!

Kelly Wegener, Ph.D. Student at Xavier University

Judith E. Glaser
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recent Reviews

Yale University

Reading the book profoundly effected - and changed my approach to all of my interactions. Not only have I been reviewing how to handle the common misunderstandings and miscommunications in my life, but also how to advise close friends on how to improve their life situations through conversation. It has altered my thought processes and undoubtedly my neurotransmitters. Quite a few people will be on the receiving end of a copy from me. If it has the same effect on them, a chain of goodwill is to follow.

Sue Atkins, Physicians Assistant, Yale University

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