Leverage Your Instincts To: Communicate, Differentiate, Innovate


Alter a Company's DNA, and Accelerate Its Profits! 
Just as your DNA may determine your destiny, a company's organizational DNA may determine its destiny. The DNA of Leadership helps you understand how to shape your company's genetic code for success. Expert author Judith E. Glaser identifies the seven vital leadership practices that can reshape an organization into a WE-centric culture-a culture that enables people to effectively work together during times of organizational change. "Graft" these seven practices onto meetings, conversations, and strategic initiatives, and you can leverage talent, maximize results, and boost profits in amazing ways.

Includes profiles of seven major companies, including: VeriSign, New Wave Entertainment, Dreyer's and Edy's Grand Ice Cream, and IBM.

"The DNA of Leadership pushes back against conventional wisdom, to give the reader new and practical tools for creating an unstoppable organization in the face of change."

Richard E. Stierwalt, CEO, National Investment Managers, Inc.

About the Author

Best selling author, Judith E. Glaser is founder & CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc. Her high-powered clients include a who’s who of international brand leaders – from all sectors of the business community. She has been a featured guest and subject of both the mainstream and business media including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and NBC’s The Today Show – among many more.

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