Creating WE Executive Reviews

Creating WE is a terrific book. Judith Glaser develops a real world approach to help companies see beyond their limitations and the constant crisis de jour to develop new attitudes for success. I’m a believer.”

Alan Baral, COO, New Wave Entertainment

“Judith Glaser’s experience and inspirational leadership in an easy-to-read roadmap!! Challenging everything you do and think you know... this is a reference guide for personal and organizational transformation to achieve breakthrough levels of improvement!”

Craig Muhlhauser, CEO, Exide Technologies

“Somewhere between the 1960s and the 1980s, the We Generation became the Me Generation. Fortunately the pendulum is swinging back but with a new sophistication and pragmatism as Judith Glaser brilliantly documents in the world of work explaining why ‘WE thinking’ is a key to success in personal and business terms. To borrow a phrase from Jamaica’s Rasta culture, she over stands the problem and points us in the win-win direction.”

Danny Schechter, Author, Filmmaker & Editor,

“Judith Glaser is all about ‘WE.’ Now others can tap into Judith’s wisdom and learn how to create and sustain miraculous transformation in their personal and professional lives. Creating WE reminds us that it is an illusion that we can create or implement meaningful changes on our own. Fortunately, Judith Glaser provides a clear road map for those serious about creating significantly more unified and effective workplaces.”

Deb Jacobs, MSOD, President and CEO, Innolect Inc.

“As I read Creating WE I was struck by Judith Glaser’s ability to shine a strong light on the role leaders play in determining a company’ culture and ability to succeed. More importantly, she provides practical advice on how to achieve extraordinary results by focusing on optimal behaviors. Creating WE provides real insights into corporate culture and why leaders behave the way they do. More to the point, she describes the impact that behavior will undoubtedly have on the success or failure of an enterprise and how shifting these behaviors can change a company’s destiny.”

Felice Schulaner, EVP, Human Resources Coach

“The quintessential challenge of all leaders is getting everyone aligned and pulling in the same direction as a team. Before Judith Glaser wrote Creating WE, most mangers struggled, and many failed, to transform their company’s culture, and engage the organization with a real sense of unity and purpose. Creating WE is a watershed event, so perfectly on target that the holy grail of leadership is within the grasp of every business leader.”

Frank Palantoni, Worldwide CEO (Retired), Gerber Products

“Judith Glaser has nailed it! Creating WE offers a compelling blueprint for the only kind of corporate dynamic that can work in today’s world. A must-read for every corporate executive or business owner.”

Gary Zammit, CEO, Clinilabs

Creating WE is a thorough investigation and synthesis of the best thinking on leadership. Judith Glaser’s new and fresh perspective helps leaders see how to create leaders, not followers. This book must be read by anyone who aspires to be a WE-centric leader.”

John Watson, PhD, Senior Director, Licensing & Development, Pfizer

“Judith Glaser hits on the single most important element in all of the discussions about leadership, culture and transformation: she deals with the power of individual and co-creative leadership. If you are a leader in any organization, for profit, not-for-profit or government, you ought to read this book.”

Lynn San Andres, Chapter President, NAWBO-NYC, Mason Alexander Group Ltd

“Judith Glaser is a leader’s leader - Creating WE is destined to become an essential management tool.”

Michael J. Morris, Former Chairman, Reader’s Digest Young Families

“In the fast-paced corporate world we live in, common sense is often forgotten-or simply ignored. Judith Glaser’s Creating We is full of common sense thinking that invites the human back to the corporate environment. The concept of ‘WE’ leadership can restore the humanity in our work and our homes.”

Nancy Hunt, President, We Are Family Foundation

“Judith Glaser’s book, Creating We, is a practical hands-on guide to developing leaders at all levels. She shows us how leaders can energize and develop other leaders, a must read for any leader.”

Noel Tichy, Author & Professor, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

“Getting extraordinary things done is never a solo act. You can’t do it alone is the mantra of the most successful leaders, despite the persistent, perverse, and pervasive hero myth. In Creating WE Judith Glaser provides us with the healthy alternative to the brand-me mentality that is getting in the way of the best ideas and the best people. Her book goes well beyond hype and offers practical solutions, real-life examples, and useful tools. Creating WE is about the real reality show in business, and I recommend that you tune in.”

Steve Iovino, CEO & President, The Leadership Challenge

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